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7 Great Ideas for You to Have a Classy Yet Cool Diwali This Year!

by — Posted in Lifestyle on October 30, 2018

Diwali is around the corner and it is indeed the time to go shopping! When you get around to preparing your home and soul for this festive season; you can polish your preparations a bit with these few ideas, which would make a whole lot of difference!

Let’s go around on a few must-haves you need to grab this Diwali!


1. Multicolor Metal & Plastic Festive Rangoli Set by Anisha Creatives

For the busy lot of you who can’t spare much time to do a festive rangoli by yourselves, here is an amazing sample of an alternative – plastic rangoli! This maroon-colored festive design will go right along with the glimmering lights on your walls and the soothing light of the traditional diyas.

Plastic Festive Rangoli Set


2. Metal Puja Thali Platter by Krisha Arts

Offer up your prayers to the deities on this gorgeously designed puja thali!  This grand, multi-colored thali is perfect for every Hindu religious ritual & comes with two katoris in which you can place hakdi, kumkum & more. It will for sure suit the soul of the ultimate devotee in you.

Metal Puja Thali Platter


3. Hand-painted Colourful Decorative Diyas (10)

This range of hand-painted ceramic diyas are meant to elevate the liveliness of Diwali with loads of Indian colors splashed across, to remind you of our rich tradition, even if you’re away from home. Have a pool party with these lined up all the way, or decorate your patio with these cute little ones and your Diwali will be better for it!

Hand-painted Colourful Decorative Diyas

Are you just not that into the religious shades of Diwali? No worries! Here are some refreshing ideas for you to celebrate Diwali in your own way.


4. Geometric Lights

If you want a cool, dimmer setting of colorful lights with the right palette; here you have it! Spread them around your house or yard; and customize your Diwali into something unique!

Geometric Lights


5. LED Drop Metal String Lights by AtneP 16

Dare to go a little bit more nontraditional? Feeling adventurous, aren’t we? These string lights will add more lives to your walls by giving out a phenomenal glow                    and drawing pretty shadows around. Them golden bulbs of artistic excellence will sure mark for sophistication, if anything!

LED Drop Metal String Lights

Searching for some thoughtful gift ideas? Here you go!


6. Happy Diwali – Quoted Brown Cushion Cover (12×12) with Filler

Go over to your friends’ this Diwali and gift them this trendy cushion with a quote wishing a ‘Happy Diwali’, and your gift will stand out! Gone are the days when                    you are gifted with so much sweets that you can fill a room with. Gift-wrap this puppy knowing that your gift will be appreciated one way or another!

Quoted Brown Cushion Cover


7. Dry Fruit Gift Hamper from Brown Tree

This gift hamper filled with a variety of dry fruits will replace the tradition of gifting sweets on Diwali to a better, healthier choice; if you prefer. The neat, festive, decorated box that it comes in itself screams passion, what do you say?!

Dry Fruit Gift Hamper from Brown Tree

Well, have an amazing Diwali this year!

And be sure to enjoy it your way, respecting tradition and imparting it into the little ones; no matter wherever in the world you are.

Note: Candles cannot be shipped as it is highly restricted at customs.
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