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Designer Dresses Inspired By Hot Trends From the Past

by — Posted in Fashion on November 29, 2018

There’s no denying fashion’s endless love affair with past trends.  With each passing day, an “it” color, fabric, or silhouette resurfaces from yesteryear.  As of late, everything 80’s and 90’s has been dominating the style sphere, slowly gravitating from minimal (90’s) to more-is more (80’s).  So what, exactly, are the must-have styles right now? Allow us to circle back to the era of Madonna, Kate Moss, and the like, as we revisit mainstream trends from the past-along with how to rework them into your wardrobe yet again.  Feel free to take these trends for a test run (or a re-run!) for your next wedding or other semi-formal event.  Think of it as a sartorial strut down memory lane. Let’s begin.



Texturize your semi-formal ensemble with rich velvet, like this Burgundy cocktail dress with short sleeves. Holiday dress, perhaps?



The 80’s called…and statement sleeves are all the rage yet again!  Go for bold with drama-filled ruffles and a sleek belted center, courtesy of this capelet maxi.



A streamlined finish (and instantly sexy shoulders!) are yours the second you slip on this sleek racer cut style, inspired by the minimalist 90’s.



A look that blurs the line between sweet and sexy; an off the shoulder necklines offers elegance to any formal ensemble, like this embellished fit and flare party dress.



This mainstream 90’s mini shirt gets upgraded to formal wear with illusion, chic beading, and a fit and flare skirt silhouette.  And bonus: the racer cut adds another trend to the mix.



Flowered prints step over to the dark side as delicate blooms mingle with moody undertones.  Be a wallflower-or life of the party-in a whimsical strapless maxi.

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