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For the Four Seasons of 2019!

by — Posted in Fashion on December 24, 2018

Another year has gone by & 2019 is around the corner! Are you ready with your new resolutions & proclamations for the next year?

2018 has been eventful and 2019 is knocking on the door! I’d love to make it the best year in my whole life, so would you. Here are some essentials that you’d need the next year – and yeah, for all the four seasons, so you’d get a headstart to a well-foreseen 2019!

1. When the ‘winter is already here’

Winter is already here and well, it seems like it’s gonna last a few months. This gorgeous, cozy winter coat – Contrast Lined Faux Fur Hood Parka Coat will help you keep warm whenever you want to risk it and go out!

Contrast Lined Faux Fur Hood Parka Coat


2. When the green blossoms into colors

Ah, Spring! The most scenic season of all! A little creativity in the air and in your mind can’t hurt. Use this New Year Super Diary 119 for everything from the doodles that kill your boredom to your corporate schedule. And, the best part is the Sellers of this particular item will personalize the dairy on your request!

New Year Super Dairy 119


3. When you walk in the rain…..:)

These 2 cool, classy jackets – Athena Women Black Solid Overcoat & WROGN Men Beige Solid Tailored Jacket – will help fight off the next Fall with finesse. Pouring rain, or just a drizzle; it never hurts to look good, right?! Why not guard yourself from all the chaos outside while you’re at it?! And some pleasant tunes in your earplugs, what more could you want?

Women Black Solid Overcoat

Men Beige Solid Tailored Jacket









4. ‘When you go out in the Sun’

The most-liked season of all, and no one fails to become a party-goer in Summer! From beach parties to pool parties and adventure hikes to morning trails; you’d need a good sun block to keep you from turning red & a perfume to help you do everyone else around a favor, huh?(LOL) Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte Lotion – SPF 50 PA  is one of the best you can get in the market & Skinn by Titan Skinn Women’s Celeste Eau de Parfum is the new talk of the town!

Skinn by Titan Skinn Womens Celeste

Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte Lotion









Well, have an amazing year ahead, and don’t forget to bag these must-haves before the slashed prices disappear; and get ShoppRe to ship’em to wherever you need.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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