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Vases From India That’ll Make You Go Wow

by — Posted in Lifestyle on November 23, 2017

If you’re a person who takes keen interest in every element of your house, then you probably know the aura that a vase can bring into your household. Vases are special, and every flower lover knows that. Now if you’re not a resident of India and can’t find a vase with your kind of aesthetic, worry not. Shoppre is here to solve all your home decor woes. Listing our favourite vases from India that you can shop through online shopping sites. Worried about how it’ll reach you? Shipping companies in India will take care of that and deliver your latest purchases to your doorstep.


Glass Vase

Love all things classic? Then this timeless glass vase is all you need to enhance the charm of your abode. Fill it with water and some artificial pebbles or some fake flowers with confetti, this one is sure to get the compliments flowing. Shop from India and get this at special prices.


Red Terracotta Vases

Crushing over home décor items that bring your love for Indian art to life? Then this set of vivacious terracotta vases is right what you need. Quirky and colourful, these beauties are a perfect fit for your vibrantly decorated house.


Copper Vase

Want your sassy personality to reflect in your interior décor choices too? Well, here’s your ideal pick. This copper, iron and marble vase screams subtle sharpness like no other. Remember to not go overboard with the flowers though. Buy from India today.


Wooden Vase

Bored of browsing through the same old designs on online shopping sites India? Then this unconventional vase will be a breath of fresh air. Made of wood but very tastefully painted in red, this gorgeous beauty is right what your centre table needs right now


Aluminium Vase

We bet you’ll skip a beat at the sight of this zigzag, offbeat home décor piece. Made with gold-painted aluminium, the quirky design of this vase it what sets it apart from its contemporaries. The best part about it is that its unbreakable. So no more mishandling worries.


Plastic Cart Vase

A cutesy plastic vase that takes our breath away, what else do we need in life? Vibrantly painted in sky blue, this is the perfect choice for you if you love potted plants. Our search for online vases has just ended with this one.

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