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Winter Wear For The Man Who Dresses Hot Even In The Cold

by — Posted in Fashion on November 20, 2017

Winter is coming and it’s not even funny how our style statements go for a toss, thanks to boring winter colours and designs. Women still find their way to mix and match but men have a real hard time striking a balance between looking good and staying warm. Well, Shoppre is here to rescue the average man who wants to look sizzling hot even in the freezing temperatures outside. A style guide that will help you transform your winter wardrobe completely, listen up close men. Order through online shopping sites and get it delivered to your doorstep, thanks to shipping companies in India.

Denim Jacket

Irrespective of the latest fashion trends that come and go every winter, the beloved denim jacket always remains close to our hearts. Classic and underrated, you can pair this apparel with practically anything and still look smart as ever. Shop from India today.

Frayed Collar Denim Jacket


Puffer Jacket

Not only does this black puffer jacket keep you warm in practically any temperature, the nylon material also fits you snugly. The raised neckline and detachable hood protect your neck from the cold while the twin zip pockets keep your hands warm.

Puffer Jacket With Detachable Hood



This should be your ideal pick during the initial light months of the season. Comfortable and easy to wear, this cotton sweatshirt is perfect for when you’re out on the road. The front zip ensures that you’re covered from the front as well. Your winter clothes online search ends here.

Zip Through Baseball Jacket



Winter time is also wedding time, where you need to dress formally. Skip your casual winter wear for such formal occasions and invest in this trendy solid red blazer. Vibrant and bold, this look is not for the faint-hearted man. Buy this beauty from India.

Red Solid Blazer



Still a fan of timeless pullovers? You’re not the only one. Shop this striped, utterly soft, regular fit sweater and you might just get free shipping from India. While long sleeves and round neck keep you warm at all times, the black-grey colour combo is a classic hit already.

Roadster Men Black & Grey Striped Pullover



Can’t imagine spending a winter without hoodies? Then this super-hot textured, casual hoodie is meant for you. Designed for really cold days of the season, the slate grey colour is what takes our hearts away. Brownie points for the hoodie that softened with extra fur.

Grey Solid Hoodies

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